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    Always looking for odd collections

    When I’m out and about I’m always looking for incongruous or odd collections of things, or things that make a visual joke.  It does slow down a walk though, but that can be useful sometimes. One recent useful time was this Sicilian answer to IKEA flat-pack furniture.  I saw it in the beautiful town of Modica, near a viewpoint.  It was very hot, so slowing down was a good idea.  I loved the use of the food waste “umido” bin to act as a support for the planks.  I reckon it’s  made a two-seat bench, so why not just sit on the food bin and the chair instead? At a…

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    The word’s on the street

    When I am away on holiday, as well as taking in the views, it’s great to observe people going about their daily business.  They can be locals or other visitors.  If you are in a busy location it’s quite easy to take your shots without anyone noticing.  Sometimes you get lucky and see something a bit unusual. Outside the MAAT museum in Lisbon there was a bride and groom being photographed.  As an ex-wedding photographer I was interested in what was going on.  Imagine my surprise to see a cyclist coming towards them with her camera out.  I only had time for one shot before she was gone. Late one…

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    It’s a bug’s life

    In the garden we get various critters of various shapes and sizes.  On our chive plants I recently saw a green shield bug*.  The white painted house wall behind it made for a simple background, so it was out with the macro lens on my Oly E-M5 mk3.  All I needed to do was to wait till it was facing the right way… * no stamps were available.

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    I’m back with a shiny new website!

    This is my first new post for the new website. To ease you into the new site here’s a spinning bowl of chocolate.  It’s taken with my famous Mate 10 Pro phone and edited in Snapseed.  If you want to learn about mobile phone imaging and editing do get in touch.