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The word’s on the street

When I am away on holiday, as well as taking in the views, it’s great to observe people going about their daily business.  They can be locals or other visitors.  If you are in a busy location it’s quite easy to take your shots without anyone noticing.  Sometimes you get lucky and see something a bit unusual.

Outside the MAAT museum in Lisbon there was a bride and groom being photographed.  As an ex-wedding photographer I was interested in what was going on.  Imagine my surprise to see a cyclist coming towards them with her camera out.  I only had time for one shot before she was gone.

Late one afternoon In Avignon these two tourists had seen their shadows on the wall and decided to photograph them.  I, of course, decided to photograph them photographing their shadows on the wall.  It’s a bit meta I know.

Also in Avignon, the big square in the town centre was a great place to try composition exercises.  The lines and shapes in this image help join the two men together, even though they are in opposite corners.

Street is neat.