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Always looking for odd collections

When I’m out and about I’m always looking for incongruous or odd collections of things, or things that make a visual joke.  It does slow down a walk though, but that can be useful sometimes.

One recent useful time was this Sicilian answer to IKEA flat-pack furniture.  I saw it in the beautiful town of Modica, near a viewpoint.  It was very hot, so slowing down was a good idea.  I loved the use of the food waste “umido” bin to act as a support for the planks.  I reckon it’s  made a two-seat bench, so why not just sit on the food bin and the chair instead?

At a trip to the hill-climb motor-racing venue of Shelsley Walsh I saw a overfull waste bin of cardboard pizza boxes next to a plaque commemorating a famous racing driver.  I immediately thought of “fast food” of course.

Finally, in a local church the bell ringing “loft” was at ground level.  In a corner there were various bits of bell-ringing paraphernalia, and a model bell stuffed into a creme egg box.  I’m guessing the model bell was used as a training aid.  To me it just looked like an odd collection, and need to be recorded.

It’s worth keeping an eye open for this sort of thing.  Once you start it’s amazing just how many you’ll see.