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There’s a storm a brewin’…

We recently had a one week holiday down in lovely Cornwall.  As our plan was to do as much coastal walking as possible, it was somewhat weather dependent.  Luckily, all except one day was pretty good, and a few days were marvellous.  The bad day was the day of Storm Agnes.  For a few hours in the afternoon all manner of wild wind and rain happened.  Going across the River Fal on the King Harry ferry was entertaining.

While the storm was developing the sky began to look very ominous.  It was clear that there was a lot of air movement.  It was fascinating to watch.  I took a shot with my mobile and then applied a bit of HDR to make it look even more ominous.  This random natural pattern will never happen again.

Other random natural patterns that will never happen again can be found on sandy beaches when the tide has gone out.  Water flowing down the beach makes miniature sandy rivers, that look just like aerial photos of their larger counterparts.  If you live near a beach you could go back every day for a year and photograph exactly the same spot.  Every image would be different.

Patterns form on a slower scale as well, in this case geological.  These rocks on the beach are a fabulous mixture of different minerals all running into each other, with cracks and layers all over.  Obviously, over the years the pattern will change, albeit slowly.   It’s hard to choose which bits to photograph as it’s all so  interesting.

It was an excellent break, and I hope to go back to the coast soon as there’s so much to see.