Talks to Clubs and Groups

If you want an entertaining and informative talk for your club I currently offer two;

Movement in Photography” and Close-up & Macro Photography“.

The Movement talk covers all aspects of movement such as stopping it, showing it, use of ICM, and making traffic vanish!  The Macro talk covers the equipment required, techniques, issues that arise – and how to solve them, and lighting for macro.  Both of these talks have been very well received at clubs*.

I am also an experienced judge of prints, DPIs and AVs.

My fee for in-person talks or judging is £75 plus travel at 45p/mile from Worcester city.  Zoom talks have no mileage fee.

* Some feedback from clubs:

“We thoroughly enjoyed having you there. It was, as Glyn said, fun and informative. Thank you so much for coming and entertaining & enlightening us. ”

“…thank you for a wonderfully entertaining and instructive evening on Thursday.”

“On Thursday at Cheltenham CC we had a fabulous evening with an outstanding talk by Derek Gale. His title of ‘Movement in Photography’, while an accurate reflection of his work, didn’t really reflect the extent and boundaries of his creative work. Great images and stories, delivered in a high-energy, interactive style. ”

“The evening was as stimulating as it was outstanding. His animation and enthusiasm was inspiring. ”

“I trust you got home safely after judging our Annual Open (Print) Competition last night. Thanks for doing that.  I thought we gave you a nice selection of good images from which to make your choice.   You rose to the challenge and picked out some great pictures,  Your critiques were fair, consistent and constructive; we couldn’t ask for more, but you gave more with a warm and amusing way of talking to us.  Thanks for a great night.”