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It’s a sign of the times.

One of the visitors at my Worcestershire Open Studios exhibition last weekend asked how long a walk took me.  They asked because they reckoned I was always looking for things, and looking AT things in an unusual way, and that this must slow me down when I am walking.  They were right of course, my walks do tend to take longer than most people.

One thing I look for is signs.  They are supposed to be put into the world to offer passing people information that is helpful, or to commemorate other people.

Take this sign is a local churchyard.  I could say that Charles is only half the man he used to be, but it does make me wonder who Ivy and Charles were, and perhaps a complete sign would not have done that?

Some signs get modified by different people to the ones who put them up.  That can lead to ambiguities, such as this Schrodinger’s church.  Is it open or not?

Of course, some signs appear to offer useful information but actually fail to do so, or offer amusing, but false, information.  This blue plaque is an example of a such a sign.

I’ll keep looking for signs!