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    Autumn Acer Abstracts

    Recently I went to the fabulous Autumn Garden at Queenswood Country Park near Hereford.  One feature of that part of the wood is the Japanese Maples.  They were in full colour and looked fantastic.  It was a sunshine and showers day, so there were lots of water droplets around. I had my Olympus macro lens on, so set my camera to manual focus and defocussed the image.  I concentrated on a small part of a maple that had dissected leaves.  The shapes and colours  of the leaves, and the water droplet highlights, made for a very pleasing abstract composition. I had my trusty Huawei mobile with me and couldn’t resist…

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    Sharpness is overrated

    Now that Autumn is very much here we are getting dewy mornings and low-angle sunlight.  Photographically that combination is too good to miss, so today I popped out into the garden with an unusual lens combination on my Olympus E-M5 Mk3; a Sigma 30mm f1.4 and a 10mm extension tube.  My idea was to set the lens on f1.4, completely defocus and see what happened. My first subject was a lovely red maple tree.  The sun was shining on the water droplets on the leaves, and the defocusing gave fabulous complexity to the highlights, especially in the lower half of the frame.  I’ve bumped up the saturation as bit to…

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    It’s show and tell time soon.

    In August I am taking part in Worcestershire Open Studios (WoS) for the first time.  In WoS artists of many types open their studios for everyone to come and look at and to talk about their work.  I’ll be open from 11 am to 5.30pm on the 19th/20th and the 26th-28th.   It would be great to see you there!  Take a look at the WoS website here. I’ll have examples of my Intentional Camera Movement (ICM) work, (like the image above), my Bokeh work (like the image below), and many more.  ICM is a method of producing images that are abstract and impressionistic.  I’ll be more than happy to talk…