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Curses, foiled again!

Yesterday I fitted some foil insulation to the ceiling of our cellar.  It’s a 200 year old house so yes, we have a cellar.  The foil is to help stop the room above it being so cold.

I popped the roll of foil down on the kitchen floor and it caught a ray of morning sunlight.  I loved what the sunlight reflections from the foil did to the kitchen floor, so it was out with my phone to capture it.  The rays look a bit like the rising sun.  A touch of editing to taste in Snapseed and it was done.

Whilst I had the phone out I tried a bit of ICM on the end view of the roll of foil.  I used my Huawei’s “Silky Water” mode.  The roll had some pretty good spirals on it already, and the ICM helped accentuate them.  Once again I edited the image in Snapseed.

After my little photographic diversion it was down to the cellary depths to start, and then finish, the job.